Peter’s Outlook

I could never get on with writing a diary by hand. Not only would I find it difficult to read myself, but I’m pretty sure that nobody else would bother either. It isn’t as if a diary is a way to illuminate the way our world is, like by our friend Samuel Pepys. Every conceivable aspect of the world we live in is endlessly recorded, re-tweeted and memed so my e-scribbles have no great part of legacy, reflecting today’s world.

I also find it difficult to accept the idea of ‘Now’. I discovered the picture above while trying to sort out the tens of thousands of pictures I’ve accumulated over a lifetime.

It reminds me that I wasn’t always ‘me’ as I am now. The ‘me’ in the picture was a totally different entity, but perhaps more ‘me’ than I am now. Moreover, that young ‘me’ in the picture belonged to a time in my life filled with optimism for the future – a happy ‘looking forwards’ to the adventure of each new day.

Today, I am surprised and alarmed that I have flashes of looking backwards. My present ‘now’ is fantastic – the immediate future looks great. But there, not too long away, lurks the great void. Oh, philosophy of getting older….

Meanwhile we all live in the big ‘Now’. Let me present some of my muses and experiences – Just for you, my fellow friend wandering this Earth.